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Do you often get angry on the tennis court? Do you sometimes "choke" on big points? Do you beat yourself up when you lose? Is your mind stopping you from achieving your full potential as a tennis player?


If so, learn:


The Mindfulness Approach to Tennis (and Life)


The exceptional players have a secret weapon: They’ve mastered the mindfulness approach to tennis. They know how to watch their thoughts, and take control of their mind.  They know their ego is not a friend, but an enemy on the court. They also have personal insight about how their mind works, and they know how to capitalize on the psychological state of their opponents. Armed with these skills, they win more matches and take their game to a much higher level.


Exceptional players also know that tennis is a great way to deepen self-knowledge and learn valuable life lessons. They take what they learn about themselves on the court, and use these insights to enjoy a better, more successful life off the court. 


To master your mind, win more matches, and learn valuable lessons about mindfulness and life, join author Bill Bishop and his mentor Coach Conrad, on an enlightening and entertaining journey into your mind on the tennis court.














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